The Nordic Traveler

  • has 5-6 weeks of vacation per year
  • goes on 2 or more short-breaks (less than 4 days) per year
  • takes 1 or more long vacations (5 days+) per year
  • travels more and more with age (seniors take more both short and long vacations than the younger age groups)
  • dreams about traveling long haul – but most often travels within Europe
  • travels to find new experiences, relaxation and warm temperatures
  • prefers to stay at hotels or resorts – and preferably with minimum 4 stars
  • are most often inspired by friends and relatives and online reviews when it comes to choosing his or her next destination
  • primarily use Facebook and Instagram for SoMe inspiration
  • list price level, safety and climate as some of the most important factors when choosing a destination
  • also goes for historic experiences, beach access and the possibility for outdoor activities
  • prefers to book online – either hotel and flight separately or package deal
  • spend an average of 1051 EUR on traveling per year – contributing to a total Nordic travel budget of almost 27 billion EUR

All data is from a yearly survey among 4,138 Nordic respondents distributed reasonably even across Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.