We distribute news and stories from all our clients to travel and lifestyle media on a regular basis through a personal newsletter to editors – with good results.


Hotels or DMCs seldom have the same frequency and amount of media relevant news as tourism boards – and seldom stories that will suffice for an individual press release. Therefore, Nordic Travel Rep. has created a newsletter gathering news and stories from the different clients we represent. The newsletter is sent out personally to our broad network of journalist and editor contacts on a monthly basis and is very well received. The newsletter is a success as it is convenient and timesaving for editors, and the stories are often printed in media’s travel sections. This is a great way of pitching short news without spending much time and with high impact.

A ‘personal’ newsletter is a good way to cut through the competition of news and the information overload among the journalists and to build on existing relationships by pitching a selection of relevant stories that the journalists can pick from. Usually, the stories in the newsletter are about experiences/activities, special menus, wellness treatments, events or nearby attractions.

Elounda Beach in Greece is one of the clients we feature in our newsletter on a regular basis – with stories about e.g. their restaurants and spa treatments. The hotel has received media coverage in both Swedish, Norwegian and Danish media as result of the newsletter – for a total media value exceeding 40,000 EUR and a total readership over 1,400,000 people.